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*We offer free delivery to any UK mainland address for any order over £40.

Clearance Items

From time to time we sell off items at a discounted prices to make way for new stock.

Our stock of wooden toys which are both traditional and contemporary in their design and are sourced from various manufacturers such as Plan Toys, I'm Toy and Orange Tree Toys.

Our wooden toys are durable, beautifully made, easily cleaned and without sharp parts and rounded edges are safe.

Wooden toys tend to inspire creative and imaginative play in children. Modern high tech toys are often noisy and over stimulating. Educational wooden toys can be an important tool in a child's development from rattles for babies to role play toys for pre-school children. Wooden toys allow children to engage in meaningful play, developing cognitive, problem-solving and fine motor skills. Wooden toys have unique textural and tactile qualities which invite children to touch, feel and explore.

Some manufacturers of wooden toys source their wood from sustainable resources. For example Plan Toys and I'm Toy use Rubber wood to make their toys. The rubber wood is recycled from rubber trees that are no longer able to produce latex. In the past these trees were cut, burnt and discarded.

All of our wooden toys conform to European Safety Standards.